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February 11, 2008


good bye beirut, so long sam's who was always open when you needed it to be, mohammad our baker downstairs, gone the sea, and missing friends...

We're still really glad to have you back closer!

Welcome back, Michelle & Waleed. I miss Beirut for you. And I will miss reading your postings. For us stuck here, we lived through your photos and words. Esther

We (Beirut and I) miss you too! Its beautiful weather today, perfect for cat photography and a stroll through Hamra.

"We are missing you too much", as they say :)!

Your last photos bring back memories of our visit last year. I can still taste the manouche from your downstairs baker. Also remember Lal Cigale. Much more interesting than Starbucks! (or even Peets!) Remember there are lots of trees to contemplate in California. Always difficult to say goodbye to friends and favorite places but you will always have the memories (and photos).

I couldn't read your last posting about Beirut without crying. I loved the trip there last year and understand your feeling of loss.
Your feelings for Beirut will always stay with you. Soon hopefully Baltimore will capture part of your heart too.
Keep photographing!

Beirut has always been and always will be the love of my life, I lived there for many years in the 1970/s in the good days before the war and many years during the war, it has a way of getting into your heart and its hard to leave, I am english, but have not been to the uk for nearly 40 years and dont miss it but I miss Beirut, I am thinking of leaving spain and going back for a short stay.

I miss Beirut. Thank you for bringing back memories. I would love to see more pictures of AUB trees, benches, buildings, and people.

So far away!

It is very starnge for me because I have been in beirut only twice (i am armenian but I live in sydney, but i miss Beirut badly I just want to give up on everything and go and start from zero in Beirut I am just in love on Beirut.
I travelled a lot but believe me there is no other city like beirut....I wish there was no war and all of us (who re in love on beirut) could live there and enjoy the lebanese lifestyle......
Kisses to Beirut

I miss Beirut so much it hurts :(

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